The Euglena International Network (EIN) is a global community network that aims to galvanise the Euglenoids community by providing a collaborative interface and advancing Euglenoids science

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  • Drive and engage the conversation for the formation of Euglenoids Genome Project (EGP).
  • Provide a collaborative interface for the Euglenoid community globally.
  • Advance the knowledge of Euglenoid science through knowledge exchange between academia and industry.

Pathway to achieving goals:

  • Assemble international investigators working on Euglenoids.
  • Identify and form committees who will be tasked with providing Euglenoid science partnership models and deliverables.
  • Connect academics and industry professionals working on Euglenoids globally through knowledge exchange.
  • Engage the conversation for Euglenoids international conferences.
  • Implement recommendations and outcomes from the EIN inaugural meeting.
  • Update Euglena scientific community on advances in Euglenoid science through international meetings.

Partnerships and affiliations