Executive Committee

If you’re working on Euglenoids, or you’re interested in Euglenoids, and you would like to join the Euglena International Network (EIN), please sign up for membership to receive newest information! To send an email to all EIN members, please click here

For further inquiries, please email EIN Executive Committee here:

President: ThankGod Ebenezer, European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), UK

Vice-president: Ellis O’Neill, University of Nottingham, UK

Secretary: Ross Low, The Earlham Institute, UK


Communication Officer: Wade Huang, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, USA

Membership Officer: Rosina Sanchez, Instituto Nacional de Cardiología, Mexico; Bijaya Kumar Uprety, Noblegen Inc., Canada

Student Representative: Emma Kaszecki, Trent University, Canada

Industry Representative: Scott Farrow, Noblegen Inc., Canada

Information on Advisory & Science Committees

Network Structure

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